Newborn Session Information

Newborn Session Details ​

– When I arrive I am going to look for the best natural light in your house with an area large enough to shoot. We may need to move furniture around a bit.
– I will probably shoot in your bedroom or in the baby’s room. Please have these areas tidy.
– We will start the session with just the newborn to get these crucial shots. Then we will add in siblings (if they allow), and then handle family pictures. Please plan an activity for siblings (and pets) in another room so we can help keep the baby sleeping and quiet.
– The session will last between 2 and 4 hours.

What to Wear

– I recommend men wear a collarless shirt (like a t-shirt), in plain black. The problem with a collar shirt is that a baby will snuggle up under the collar and you won’t see their face. Show me the baby! Avoid large logos or sheen on the shirt as this will be too distracting.
– I suggest women dress in something plain too. Most times a black shirt/tank works best. Moms usually end up liking pictures in black best as it blends into the background and makes you appear slimmer. If you don’t want to wear black, just make sure you and your husband wear the same color or blend.

Sleep Baby Sleep

– Feed the baby, finishing about 10 minutes before I arrive. We are going to work hard to get him/her to sleep. Sleeping babies are the easiest to mold and position for a newborn shoot.
– Most of the newborn photos will be of them in their birthday suit, so we want them to be comfortable and warm. To make this happen, crank up the heat about 7-10 degrees warmer than usual (yep, we are going to sweat but the baby will be perfect) and turn off any fans.
– To make sure their birthday suit is looking good (it’s all about the details!), take their socks off at least 15 minutes before the session and keep the diaper on a bit loose. This will keep baby’s skin free of lines. Have your baby unclothed and swaddled.

Photos with Meaning

Newborn photos are so special and incredible all on there on, but a blankie, toy or outfit that means something to you just makes it extra special. Do you have a toy from your childhood you’ll be passing down to your baby? Or, how about a quilt that was made for the newborn? What about a newborn outfit you wore and would like to see your baby in? Before your newborn arrives, take some time to look around your home and find a couple of items that hold a special place in your heart. Remember to keep these aside and bring them out for your shoot.

Just What Babies Do

Please have wipes and diapers close by for the shoot. Along with the cute grins and yawns, pee and poop are pretty common during a shoot.

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