Session Information

Session Information
Now that you’ve booked a session, let’s get started! Here are some questions clients often ask me, and a few that I ask.

 What should we wear?
This is a great question, and an important one. Looking and feeling good will make you more comfortable, which means you’ll have fun, and this helps create great photos.

Look good but, be comfy and yourself.
For many of us having our picture taken doesn’t feel natural or comfortable. Wearing something that just doesn’t feel like you will make it harder to relax and have fun. Pick out clothes that reflect YOU.

Wait, are you pregnant?
The #1 question you DON’T ask a woman unless you know, for sure, that they are! If we are documenting your pregnancy, I encourage you to wear clothing that is comfortable, easy to move in, and will highlight your belly if you wrap your hands around it. Avoid patterns, but fun jewelry is welcomed. I may ask you to get down and dirty: sitting on benches, tree stumps, rocks, or even the ground. Please wear clothing that will make this easier.

What? No white?
No, I won’t stop you from wearing your favorite white shirt or dress, but just know that white can be a bit challenging to work with, especially for outdoor shoots.

I want to give you a photograph that will make you smile not only tomorrow, but 10 years from now as well. Choose something that you won’t laugh at years down the line. Please avoid loud prints and patterns.

The plain truth
Please avoid shorts, and pants that end short of the ankle. Unfortunately the shorter cut of pants also cuts inches off your height. If you are wearing a dress, choose one that does not gather at the waistline. In addition to making you appear taller, this style will help you look slimmer!

Do you see what I see?
Please wear tightly woven shirts, sweaters and dresses. If you have an article of clothing that is not, it can appear see-through in a photograph. If you have a shirt or dress you are not sure about, feel free to put a slip or under-shirt on as a layer below. Ladies, please also be conscientious of low-cut blouses and dresses. Little girls look super cute in dresses, but please consider what should be underneath the dress.  Toddlers have little modesty for themselves, and if you are concerned about their undies showing up in the photo, please consider bloomers that will match the color/pattern of the dress, or lightweight tights.

What is that in your pocket?
Gentlemen, we know you like to carry the world in your pockets, but to avoid bizarre-looking bulges, please empty your pockets before we begin.

Can we match?
If you want everyone in the shoot to wear the same thing, that’s OK. However, I encourage you to choose clothing that complements each other, rather than copies.

Can we bring multiple outfits?
Sure, but please let me know, so we can plan ahead for time.

What should I bring to our session?
Please bring some (small) toys that your little ones like from home. This will bring them comfort, and will help me get their attention if they decide to give my camera lens the cold shoulder.  Feel free to bring snacks for the kids. Our session will likely take about an hour, maybe hour and a half and some kids can get hungry. Treats make little ones happy, and serve as great bribe for the bigger ones.  If you have small children, please bring a spare change of clothes. While, more than likely, we won’t use it, there’s the occasional diaper blowout, or dusty trip. Don’t rely on the spare outfit in the diaper bag; make sure its something you want him or her photographed in.

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